About The Maker

Hey there! Welcome to Solstice Originals.

Where does the ‘Originals’ come from? Well — in early 2020 (yes - we move quickly here!) I took the plunge & purchased our own laser machine.

Boy did that ignite the creative fire inside of me! I get to design & cut my own pieces? And create happiness for other people? I must be in heaven.

I love to create every-day wearable pieces but with a modern twist. Acrylic is my 'weapon' of choice. Love a certain pattern and crave it in 10 different styles? You've got it. Love a certain style and want it in 10 different patterns? Solstice Originals is your new best friend.

I'm mostly a one-woman show, but if you're lucky you will see my trusty Dachshund Frankie around on my social media. He likes to think of himself as Second-In-Charge, as he insists on inspecting every package before it gets sent off to your lovely homes.

Have a look around! I'm sure you'll find something that you love. x Linda